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About us

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

        JiangXi DaiShing POF Co.,Ltd is a high-tech professional enterprise , committed to R&D,manufacturing and the application of plastic optic fiber ( POF).
        Through independent research and development, we have reached the daily production capacity of 1 millon meters, fiber attenuation ≤160dB/km, our products have broken the foreign monopoly, and reached the advanced international level.
  • Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    ● Business philosophy: efficient innovation, perfect quality, integrity, pragmatism, and win-win cooperation
    ● Management philosophy: use standards as guidance and standardize to achieve benefits
    ● Enterprise mission: carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and pursue excellent quality
  • Talent recruitment

    Talent recruitment

        Position: Project (R & D) Manager, Customer service staff, Foreign trade Salesman
         Sales engineer.
        Once you are employed, the treatment is generous. Company will pay the social security fee for the employee; Monthly employee birthday party; irregular group activities, such as Spring outing, dine party, karaoke etc.; Enjoy the physical examination and the physical examination and annual health examination free, paid annual leave and holiday gifts.
  • After-sale service:

    After-sale service:

        ● high-quality service support, service cooperation has been more than 10,000 customers.
        ● Your satisfaction is our great motivation.

Industry application

Approved & quot; national high-tech enterprise "," provincial enterprise technology center "


Complete qualification certification, national high-tech enterprise, 29 patented technology.Daily production capacity of 1 millon meters PMMA POF. our products have broken the foreign monopoly, and reached the advanced international level.


Industry application

Why choose us ?Focus on the fiber optic field.

Scene of factory

DAI SHING POF Professional plastic optic fiber manufacturer and system integration provide.DAI SHING