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Plastic fiber vision

2022-12-19 14:29:48

Jiangxi Daishing POF Co., Ltd. is high-tech enterprises located in Jinggangshan 5A scenic area, specializing in development,manufacture and application for plastic optic fiber, plastic optic cable and

How to distinguish plastic fiber from glass fiber

Single-mode and multi-mode, there is a difference in the fiber itself, simply put, one core is small and the other is large.

The difference in transmission (mainly bandwidth) is caused by the difference in the fiber itself.

The same material, the number of modes is determined by the core diameter, core diameter below a fixed value must be a single mode.

Actual size: single mold core diameter

9um, multimode: 62.5um, and some special or non-communication like that.

The multimode loss is no less than the 62.5um loss. Only the small inter-mode dispersion leads to the increase of bandwidth and transmission distance.

Plastic fiber and glass fiber light performance of what gap.

Optical fiber communication:

Fiber optic, no plastic. The fiber is made of silica, which is also known as glass fiber. Its structure is composed of fiber core, cladding layer and coating layer from inside to outside. The core is a fiber core, which is made of a highly transparent material, and a cladding.

Optical fiber excellent light conduction performance:

Bendable, but the bending radius should not be too large, high point brightness, no conductive, good confidentiality, no electromagnetic interference, noise resistance, long transmission distance.

The main transmission channel of light waves;

The refractive index of the cladding is slightly smaller than that of the core, which makes the light transmission performance relatively stable. Fiber core thickness, fiber core materials and cladding materials

Refractive index has a decisive effect on the characteristics of optical fiber. The coating layer includes a primary coating, a buffer layer and a secondary coating for protection

Fiber optics are protected from mechanical chafing by the erosive phase of water vapor,

It also increases the flexibility of the fiber,

Prolong the service life of optical fiber

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