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The CES exhibition in the United States has come to a successful conclusion | Innovation continues, and our journey continues!

2024-01-13 17:18:13

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) concluded successfully in Las Vegas on January 12th. Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD. also gained a lot at the CES exhibition.Exhibition Site Review Arriv


         The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) concluded successfully in Las Vegas on January 12th. Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD. 

 also gained a lot at the CES exhibition.


Exhibition Site Review

        Arriving at the scene, the booth of Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD.  frequently attracted visitors, and plastic scintillation fiber optics and fiber optic textiles became the eye-catching spots on site, receiving recognition and appreciation from many viewers. At the exhibition, Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD.  showcased its latest developed plastic scintillating fiber optic product, which has the characteristics of good radiation stability, high luminous intensity, low loss, uniform size, and no self absorption. It can be widely used in fields such as cosmic astronomical exploration, medical diagnosis, high-energy physics, petroleum exploration, and environmental inspection. Participants expressed that the product technology level of Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD.  has reached the international leading level, breaking the monopoly position of foreign enterprises in this field.


         The exhibition team patiently answers each consulting customer one by one, allowing them to have a multi-dimensional understanding of plastic fiber optic products, jointly explore the future sustainable development prospects of the industry, and further enhance the influence of the enterprise brand in the international market.


         This exhibition not only made Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD.  stand out on the international stage, but also laid a solid foundation for its further expansion into the international market. In the future, Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD.  will continue to adhere to the development concept of innovation driven, constantly innovate and provide higher quality products and services for global users.


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