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The first exhibition in the New Year | Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD debut the successful completion at , MAGIC Show2024

2024-02-18 10:22:12

2024.2.13-2.15Sourcing MAGIC Show in Las Vegassuccessfully heldThe arrival of the New Year, everything is renewedThe first exhibition of the New Year" opened a new chapter On February 15th, Los




Sourcing  MAGIC Show in Las Vegas

successfully held

The arrival of the New Year, everything is renewed

The first exhibition of the New Year" opened a new chapter



      On February 15th, Los Angeles time, the three-day Magic show in Las Vegas International Fashion and Fabric Exhibition was successfully concluded in Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center.A total of 1,200 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions participated in the SOURCING at MAGIC exhibition area, of which Chinese exhibitors accounted for 65%.During the exhibition, Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD with the brand trust, product recognition, and high quality service, by the exhibitors, and once again gained the attention of a large number of interested customers.



Exhibition site review


Came to the scene, the booth of Dasheng plastic fiber frequently attracted people to stop, and the fiber luminous clothing became the bright scene, which won the affirmation and appreciation of many audiences.


The participating team patiently answered each consulting customer one by one, so that customers could understand the fiber light-emitting products in multi-dimensions, discuss the sustainable development prospects of the industry in the future, and further enhance the influence of the enterprise brand in the international market.



A successful end is also a successful beginning!

This exhibition trip is not just a display of the brand

What is more important is to perceive the market needs

Precise focus on customer needs

Give full play to the advantages of Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD

For each customer to provide better service and unremitting efforts!

The exhibition is over

But our enthusiasm hasn't faded

Please continue to pay attention to the Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD

The pace of future

Let's go forward hand in hand!

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