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Unisex Long Sleeves LED Fiber Jacket with Zipper




Item Name: Men Long Sleeves LED Fiber Jacket with Zipper 
Item Color:Black, White, Red, Blue
Fibric Material:Chinlon + Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)
Product Size:XS - XXL 
Product583 g
LED Type:

RGB Colorful LED Light 

LED Light Colors:Red, Green, Blue, R+G, B+G, R+B, RGB White
LED Light Quantity:

8 pcs

Battery Type:
Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery 602040 / 3.7V 
Battery Capacity:450 mAh
 Battery Capacity:Battery1 pcs
Quantity:Product 4-8 
Usage Time (hrs) :Operating Mode: Before you start to use this product, please use DC 5V (phone 

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