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"Light into copper retreat" era of the arrival of the "speed down the fee" the only way out 2015.05.25
 Premier Li Keqiang within two months of attention speed fee problem, let "speed drop fee" these four words like "virus" and instantly spread to the whole communication circle, and due to the problem of speed Internet fee "popular", in addition to "speed drop fee", and "copper back into the light." So what is the "light back copper into"?

It is understood that the "copper back into the light" is the fixed network operators China Telecom and China Unicom for the progressive realization of optical fiber access, using fiber to replace copper proposed a project, Chinese fixed network operators now the ADSL access network are local end centralized way, namely user set adslmodem need with Telecom Bureau Office ADSL terminal device synchronization signal, the distance is generally more than 3 km. In fact, as early as a few years ago, China began to enter the light into copper policy, but the light copper retreat is not revolutionary, so the complete can only be gradual and lengthy process. Therefore, although the FTTH user coverage rate of our country is rising rapidly, the installation rate has not increased rapidly.. Implemented a number of years of the policy, the implementation of the road there are problems and achievements. With the Prime Minister of "repeated speed drop charges", "copper back into the light" was once again pushed to the tuyere.

"Light into copper retreat" boost broadband high-speed rate

With the development of network technology, increasing proportion of data communication in the communication service, the previous data transmission rate has been unable to meet the growing customer demand, the bandwidth of the copper will lag far behind in the requirements of data transmission rate in the future. On May 20, general office of the State Council issued "about speeding up construction of high-speed broadband network promote the network speed drop charges guidance", proposed the goals and measures to speed up the construction of high-speed broadband network promote the network speed reduced costs.

In the Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie seems that technological change from the current point of view of communication network is 4G technology, while the solid network is manifested as light into copper retreat. Because of differences in physical properties, fiber than copper wire has a large amount of communication, small volume, bad reduction characteristics, improve the speed of the ideal material, "copper back into the light" has become the mainstream of the world. Broadband Development Alliance released the seventh phase of the China broadband rate report shows that the light into the copper back boost cable broadband rate, the average rate of broadband in China reached about 5M.

It is understood, since the release of "broadband China strategy, China's operators vigorously promote the" copper back into the light ", makes the high-speed broadband users more and more, and over 8m, 20m and above the proportion of users will continue to improve. The broadband rate is moving to a new level in China..

Although the use of copper wire technology, can also achieve the purpose of improving the bandwidth. But in recent years, as copper prices rise sharply, continue to use copper raw material increased bandwidth cost is too high, and the price of fiber optic cable and optical transceiver module is gradually reduced. Copper wire network is not suitable for today's customer needs, light copper back is the real transformation and upgrading of the network, while optical fiber upgrade can save 60% cost. Visible, light copper retreat has become a trend of development.

"Light into copper retreat": the first prerequisite for broadband speed reduction

The pursuit of network costs more and more cheap, the rate is getting higher and higher, is the goal of every Internet person to pursue. But because of the huge difference in East and West China, to build the network cost is very high, you always do not drop down. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly mention speed will cost, and again the light back into the copper "pushed to the tuyere. Although in the broadband access network, light enters the copper retreat trend has become increasingly evident, fixed network development ultimate aim of all-optical network era, but "copper back into the light" really is the only way out for China's "speed drop fee?

Detailed scheme of the middle of this month launched three operators "speed drop fee from the point of view, the reform dimension is basically the same, flow in the flow of price concessions, the opening of the leisure, launched flow is not zero, and so do the homework, the overall traffic fee is reduced. While Beijing Unicom, smart home to launch the package service, but it is particularly innovative.

Although this low package service, bundled with the sale is suspected, but operators package service is the trend. To the United States of America famous operators Kang Custer, for example, its business also contains a fixed network, television and phone, the package is more than 50% of the same number of separate business. Service also can be regarded as one of the way out of China's speed down fee.

Although the only way to change China's "light is not the speed drop fee, but China provided a prerequisite for the Internet network speed. Because only the common fiber to the home can enhance the speed, because commercial copper was generally the highest until 8m; at the same time, only the light of copper back to save the cost of the operators, to realize the true meaning of price.