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The upgrade of optical copper back to promote the network can save 60% cost 2015.05.22
 Verizon yesterday in Orlando Genband IEPP 2015 conference said that they more than 2000 Central Bureau of seven from copper to fiber, the conversion cost reduction is very significant. Verizon business transformation SVP Sowmyanarayan Sampath told listeners, 2012 hurricane sandy attack in New York City. They were forced to of New York's central office room for re building, this time all of them using the fiber.After that, they have carried out the copper back to the other 6 computer room.. Verizon may be the first of the entire center will be the entire center of the computer room to achieve the light into the large operators of copper retreat.

What does light enter copper back to Verizon bring? Sampath said the economic benefits of light copper retreat is amazing, the customer will eventually benefit from fiber-optic network." According to his introduction, Verizon existing 5000000 square meters of the center of the room, light into copper back 60%-80% room area will be redundant, the original one 13 storey room as long as the 1-2 layer is enough.More than a place to find other uses.. Operators can also less property tax. On the other hand, the reliability of fiber than copper wire high 70% - 90%, Verizon can save 40% - 60% of the maintenance costs, and 60% of the expatriate construction cost, can save 40% - 60% of the energy consumption, 10% to 15% of capex. In addition, the light into the copper back can bring more new business opportunities for Verizon. But here Sampath logical editor some do not understand. His intention is about the cost of fiber optics upgrade to save 60% from the development of new business. After the fiber upgrade, many users take advantage of this opportunity to get better service. Verizon has seen this as a sustainable need.

Sampath told the audience, copper network is not suitable for today's customer needs, light copper back is the real transformation and upgrading of the network."