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Uncover the mystery of special fiber 2015.05.21
 With the arrival of the era of digital, network and intelligent, the field of information transmission is experiencing explosive growth. In the face of a variety of demand for information, as well as coming from the special field of transmission is required, special optical fiber as the transmission of information is the main media arises at the historic moment, supporting the development of the information market diversification, especially in some special fields such as the field of smart grid, military, medical, and energy.

Narrowly speaking, the special optical fiber is different from the standard of international communication optical fiber special properties and application of special purpose optical fiber and the doped materials, structure design, process, transmission wavelength, optical properties, mechanical and environmental performance has special service in different industry fields. In broad terms, including special optical fiber and optical fiber communication special fiber optic cable even components, all belong to the category of special fiber (products) and application in communication, sensor, power, petroleum, petrochemical, industrial and military fields.

According to the application environment, special fiber can be classified as follows:

Communication / device applications: mainly for communication and communication devices maintaining fiber for communication network transmission dispersion management of dispersion compensation fiber for communication signal amplification and fiber lasers of Er3 + and Yb3 + - doped active fiber, passive optical device with optical fiber coupling and anti bending fiber etc.;

Military applications for aerospace is the core device of fiber optic gyroscope fog insurance maintaining fiber, resistant to high temperature and high pressure and other harsh environment resistant high temperature optical fiber / bending fiber / anti radiation optical / UV optical fiber, fiber delayer of radiation resistant optical fibers for; in addition to laser radar of high power laser transmission optical fiber and optical cable, super continuous spectrum of photonic crystal fiber.

Electric application: used for flow valve and a wind electricity system of plastic bag glass layer and a layer of large core diameter fibers, power cable and control components, in addition to special high-voltage current monitoring of optical fiber current transformer circular polarization maintaining optical fiber.

Medical applications: for guiding light beam of the laser imaging of the special numerical aperture and an end head for laser surgery of all kings of holmium laser and green laser special medical large core diameter optical fiber, it can also be used for medical sensor sensing fiber products, this kind of special optical fiber need to meet the relevant medical certification.

Energy / rail transportation applications for petroleum and petrochemical resistant high temperature optical fiber and optical cable, used for long distance oil pipeline vibration sensing cable, for rail rolling processing of large core diameter transmission fiber and track structure health monitoring of the sensing optical fiber and cable