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Ultra low loss fiber optic applications 2015.05.20
 With the existing trunk cable gradually aging, will gradually enter the update period, is expected in the next 5 to 10 years, operators will be on provincial trunk cable to update a large number. Selection of trunk optical fiber and cable, on high speed transmission system construction and operation in the coming decades will have far-reaching impact. So it is very important. Occur in the coming years 400g even 1t wave divided into optical transmission system, the need to adopt more complex modulation (16QAM) to improve the spectrum efficiency and reduce the cost per bit, but the attendant is the OSNR (optical signal to noise ratio) have higher requirements; also link if long span the OSNR sharp deterioration. These problems in addition to the equipment side by adding equipment, new ultra low loss also provides solutions, the fiber attenuation low to 0.165dB/km can effectively increase the span length and improve the system OSNR and increase the transmission distance, bring a great improvement on the transmission performance of the whole system.

Ultra low loss fiber at present abroad some large operators such as Verizon has begun to use, so as to lay a foundation for the deployment of the 400g. In the domestic industry customers, such as the national grid has in backbone network line is widely used to solve the problem of ultra long span transmission. This is the first China Telecom deployment and the use of ultra low loss fiber. The hop lengths close to 105 km, such as the use of conventional fiber, large span high span loss will cause OSNR drastically with the increasing deterioration and BER (bit error rate), using ultra low loss fiber can reduce the cross section loss 2~4dB solve practical problems in the project.