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The plastic optical fiber optical fiber sensor 2015.05.19
 The use of optical fiber has many applications in lighting in medicine, endoscope, transmission or IM - agingsensor. Many of the advantages of optical fiber, so that they adapt to environmental biological instrument design, sensor invasive and non invasive measures. In particular, the plastic optical fiber (POF) has good flexibility, strong adaptability, yield high stress, high strength, easy to operate. The sensor is designed withnumerous applications in industry and medicine.

The sensor used in respiratory rate measurement has great interest in medicine, such as control, monitoringand diagnosis of SIS or patient. Several sensors based on optical fiber have been developed for this purpose, such as intensity modulation, spectral shift of fiber Bragg grating phase modulation. In the firstcase, the bending loss optical enlargement and pleural shrinkage changes in chest fiber. The sensor issimple and cheap, but like all current sensor. In the second case, it has a very high precision, but the extract significant signal must use special equipment, improve the sensor cost. The third is a interference system, a very sensitive and highly accurate sensor, but also need to specialized equipment to extract the signal. The speckle pattern obtained in fiber optics, also known as speckle, is highly sensitive to external shocks and should be used for remote sensing applications. Based on this phenomenon, this document describes a respiration sensor in the chest due to breathing diameter change as interference fiber transfer, due to the change in the output optical fiber speckle pattern. 240 mm plastic optical fiber diameter of the core isembedded and adapted into a rubber band as transducer. On the other hand, the progress of an important manufacturing CCD camera and computer program so that the sensor can be in real time, low cost. The sensor prototype and experimental results and discussion.

Optical fiber speckle measurement based on high sensitivity, breathing person. Plastic optical fiber multi-mode, step index, especially the core of 240 mm in diameter, is very flexible, adapt to the different conditions, based on the sensor of the speckle pattern of construction. By a simple U shaped fibers embedded in a curvature of the rubber band is recorded in the speckle diameter, the rib changes in respiration changes may. The profile curves are quite regular breathing, measured at all similar cases. Speckle change is by cheap camera, capturing 30 images per second, enough to detect respiratory rate. One end of the optical fiber is directly coupled with CCD, so it is POS to multipoint measurement using a single CCD. That is, at the same time measurement of fiber optic monitoring have different signs of life in different parts of the body.