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Optical communication industry policy 2015.05.18
 Review in 2014, the three operators vigorously investment 4G LTE network construction, gave birth to the base of optical interconnection, transmission network and upgrading of new massive demand. At the same time, China Mobile to obtain solid broadband licenses, to deep pocketed spoiler broadband access market, the deployment of FTTx has become more popular. The optical communications industry in 2014 to restoreprosperity in the fixed network under the stimulation of /LTE, showing a gratifying situation of both production and sales.

From the beginning of the end of 2014, more frequent favorable policies. First is the December 2014, the Ministry released "on broadband access market open to private capital of the notice" to encourage private capital to enter the market for broadband access in a variety of patterns is in the next few years completely activated "last mile" of demand, bring billions or even hundreds of billions of new business opportunities.Then in February this year, Ministry of industry to China Telecom and China Unicom issued FDD licence, the further release of the LTE network investment demand.

Premier Li Keqiang this year in the government work report proposed "Internet +", has become a topic of hot debate all walks of life, many new concepts are derived. Actually, regardless of the Internet to transform traditional industry or traditional industry to embrace the Internet. Fundamentally said is inseparable from the basis of broadband network. Prime Minister Lee to study the Internet, is also closely linked with efforts to increase broadband infrastructure.

Policy is a wind vane, but also reflects the broadband market after years of development, as a national strategic infrastructure to more and more important role, to further push forward is the inevitable choice. So the Prime Minister Lee recently said, the government decided not downhill net tariff, but the market choice.

Market choice broadband optimistic about the market demand, optical communication industry in the next few years will maintain high King tolerance, how to get more orders from customers, the momentum scale, to become a major problem in optical communication manufacturer thinking. This year's China International Exhibition of information and communication (Pt / Expo China 2015), many manufacturers of optical communication and come to the exhibition, reflecting their intention to enhance brand awareness, demonstrate the determination of the strength of enterprises and to group operators, local operators, system providers and other large customers.

As a matter of fact, the more the market boom, manufacturers need more attention to brand, and seize market opportunities, quickly made a massive become operators trusted partners. It is foreseeable that there will be more optical communications companies with Pt show the authority of the exhibition platform, to domestic and international top customers to prove their brand influence, to demonstrate their products, technology, quality and scale of production capacity, become the chase for the development of the industry.