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Four point + Internet 2015.05.16
 The annual world telecommunication and information society day memorial activities has become the information and communication industry wide publicity and display their achievements as a platform, has also become strengthen communicate inside and outside the industry an important platform. This year 517 coincides with the International Telecommunication Union established the 150th anniversary, the chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Feng attended the commemoration and delivered a speech. Modern agriculture, industrial manufacturing, modern service industry and the Internet +operation is an important starting point.

The four major characteristics of the new stage

Zhang Feng pointed out that over the years, under the joint efforts of all parties, the development of China's information and communications industry made remarkable achievements, forming a solid network infrastructure, application and user base and rising international influence, especially in recent years, as the Internet accelerated penetration to all areas of social economy, industry innovation and development entered the new stage, showing four characteristics.

One is the facility ability is stronger. Until the end of March this year, China's fiber to the home port number more than 2 billion, 4G base station more than 96 million, 3G base station more than 130 million, Internet Data Center operating more than 1000, cabinets more than 28 million pieces, the server has more than 300 million units, CDN overlay network node number is more than 2000. Last year, she added seven national Internet backbone Zhaopin point, are all opened, and play a great role.

The two is the industry bigger. The current mobile phone users in China is close to 1.3 billion, which mobile broadband subscribers, 3G and 4G reached 6.4 million, plus the original 2 billion solid network users, broadband users in China has reached 8.4 billion. China's Internet is increasing international influence.

The three is growing faster. March 2015, three telecom enterprise mobile data revenue over the Internet business over the 700 billion yuan, contribution to the total industry revenue growth rate of more than 100%, Internet services revenue accounted for information and communication industry the proportion of income from 20% in 2010 promotion to 53% last year, has become the leading force in the development of the industry. In addition, last year the national e-commerce transaction volume reached 13 trillion, to maintain the growth of 20%.

Four is the deeper the degree of fusion. Internet Banking for the application on behalf of the innovation and development is swift and violent, setting off a mass of entrepreneurship, the new round of the wave of innovation and peoples, P2P, all the chips, o2o field become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to outside the oriented public users of consumer Internet vigorous development, networking, and manufacturing oriented industrial Internet has become focus of all parties.