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IBM introduced a high-speed chip connection will be replaced by optical fiber or copper 2015.05.15
 Engineers at IBM Research Institute is expected to help a called "silicon photonic" technology to solve the data transmission bottleneck problem troubled computer industry for many years.

Using a technique called "silicon photonic", from IBM Research Institute of engineers is expected to solve the data transmission bottleneck problem troubled computer industry for many years.

Optical fiber with ultra high-speed data transmission capability. This material can be linked with the traditionalsilicon photonic chip technology. In data transmission, fiber than copper in both speed and distance and has a great advantage, but because of the high cost, only in need across different buildings, city, or, the situation will be adopted.

Through a technique called "multiplexing", IBM researcher demonstrates how to make chip through a single optical fiber transceiver four different colors of infrared signal. At present, the transmission rate of single linkat 25 gigabits, 4 with a maximum of 100Gbps. At this speed, the capacity of a blu ray disc in 25 Gigabytemovies just two seconds to be transferred.

IBM in Tuesday's statement said that based on multiplexing to achieve speed and chip integration design belongs to the industry's first.

Although the technology is still in the laboratory stage, but silicon photonic Cosplay is expected in the futurekey. Such as Google search, Microsoft's online version of office and the Facebook social network services that are supported by large scale data center, there are hundreds of thousands of servers, they usually adopt a copper connections, and more economic fiber connection is expected to further release of the server cluster computing potential, and thus hastened the development of more powerful online services.

Silicon photonic and other technologies are being developed, is expected to have proposed Moore 50 years of continuous force.

Commercial time

The IBM Institute is usually involved in cutting-edge technology, but the blue giant believes these studies will eventually bring the return.

From an executive at IBM Research Institute said, big data and cloud services to growing popularity has a great demand for computing power, and silicon photonics technology of large-scale commercial will makes the semiconductor industry can meet this demand.

IBM Research Institute of silicon photonic Department Manager will green will Green said that the four multiplexing technology can reduce the data center fiber costs by as much as 50%.

The technology of the future

The long run, the internal components of the computer can also be connected by optical fiber.

Energy consumption constraints restrict the further improvement of processor speed. Today, there are fewchip clock frequency is more than 4GHz, which is the internal clock signal to produce 4000000000 times per second. Engineers are looking for other solutions, silicon photonic is one of the important means of the candidate.

To use this technique, close to the processor transceiver is the key, which play the role of receiving and sending data. Through a TSV (silicon perforation) technology, computer components of the future can bestacked together.

Intel has been also in concerns related to technology, they are seeking to use a known as "light Peakhoped" technology to reduce the cost of the optical fiber. The company is not the technology commercialization, but through cooperation with apple, which is to be used in the "lightning" (thunderbolt) technology. Whether using copper or fiber, the transmission rate can reach the highest lightning port 40Gbps.

This rate is quite fast, but copper will undoubtedly be the distance limit.