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2019 data communication transceiver market will reach $2100000000 2015.05.14
 Recently, the market research firm infonetics released its latest about 10g and 40g and 100g optical transceiver in the business and data center market development. 2014 10g / 40g / 100g optical transceiver in enterprise and data center market annual growth rate to 21%, to $14 billion, and growth of the main driving force for 40g qsfp (four channel mini plug) transceiver.

The 40G transceiver is rapidly climbing, because the 40GbE data center deployment, especially through high density branch cable 10G interface. Internet providers such as Microsoft and Google, driven by demand for a substantial growth of QSFP 40G.

The market increased demand for 100G, however, has not been widely deployed in the data center. Is expected to 2016, 100G will be widely deployed, because the 100G silicon chip cheap launch and QSFP28 shipments growth.

The center of the optical transceiver market survey data:

* data center transmission Total (Telecommunications and data communications) 10G/40G/100G optical transceiver market amounted to 65%.

*2014 40G in the second half of the overall market revenue growth of 81% compared to the second half of 2013.

*10G shipments are steady growth in the data center market, however, the growth of 40G also have a certain impact on the.

*2014 global 10G optical module market revenue unchanged from the previous year.

* Infonetics is expected to 2019 data communication transceiver market growth will exceed $2100000000.