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"How to break the bottleneck of the development of broadband Chinese" 2015.05.12
 The broadband network is a strategic public infrastructure in the new period of China's economic and social development, the development of broadband network effective in stimulating investment and promote the consumption of information, promote an important supporting role in the transformation of the mode of development and construction of a well-off society. It is the main carrier of the economic and socialinformation communication in the future, it not only changed the way of information dissemination,transformation and upgrading of people's life style and traditional industries will bring fundamental changes,it promoted the development of people, things and things, a full range of Internet people and things, the important the effect on the construction of smart city, smart community, digital family.

In August 17, 2013, the State Council issued the "broadband Chinese China" strategic implementation plan,the deployment of the next 8 years of broadband development objectives and paths, means "broadbandChinese" strategy rose from departmental action as a national strategy, broadband first became a national strategic public infrastructure, the demonstration city have also introduced the industrial incentive policy, toeffectively promote the role for the smooth implementation of the "broadband China" strategy of the. But because of many factors, "the slow progress of broadband Chinese", still heavy resistance. Premier Li Keqiang put forward along with the Internet + concept, to clarify the "broadband China" strategy in the process of implementation problems, and how to solve the "broadband China" slow progress, providesunlimited imagination space for us.