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Comprehensive analysis of optical network in the cloud Era 2015.05.11
 The next three years, the biggest challenge is how to make a company completely, automation, softwareplatform and commune. Thinking of the Internet to create a generation of prosperous and bubble, in disdainwhen suddenly wake up, thinking only if the Internet grafting is one of the world's puppet play, the future on acloud connected to the body even around us in the end is what kind of products and information world. With the development of intelligent hardware products and cloud services open, past concerns may not fall intostep by step in the realistic view. Perhaps this generation of intelligent hardware will fail, but intelligentthinking has changed the understanding of how we should serve for the product.

The era of cloud and intelligent products may guide us into a new era of competition. In the next time, maybe our weapon has not been created, was forced to surrender to the future. Most companies will not bedefeated rival, beat them will be smart terminal is not accessible, thinking and product knowledge. In other words, many software companies and Hard Suits Inc will not exist, as long as they can complement and heal.We will also face such a crisis, but the nature of this crisis is: we are not only a lack of knowledge, lack ofknowledge combination of imagination.

Optical communication the world and the future of the world will cloud together, have a light network in the cloud era. SDN will be a start, the real form of the network at present we do not. A few decades ago, theoptical network topology of our existence is quite clear. But now, I become increasingly blurred. If the communication is the essence of people, as long as they find, perhaps the last optical network is very heavy,the CISCO router is a revolution, SDH may be one of the next, then the intelligent optical network productsthere should be a virtual and real better bonding.