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"Copper back into the light" to boost demand for optical fiber and cable market soaring development period 2015.05.09
 "Broadband China" triggered demand for optical fiber and cable. Government policy will boost the demand for products, optical fiber and cable industry in 2013 August, the State Council issued the "broadband China" strategy and implementation plan ", the first broadband is positioned as a strategic public infrastructure,deployment of broadband development goals and paths for the next eight years, the broadband strategyfrom a single sector rose to national strategy. In the national "12th Five Year" period, the national investment in the construction of broadband network infrastructure will total 1.6 yuan, of which 570000000000 yuan investment in broadband access network.

According to the "three stage broadband Chinese" strategy development, the first stage is the stage of full speed, time is at the end of 2013, the strategic focus is the key to strengthen the fiber-optic network and 3G network construction, improve the speed of broadband Internet access, improve and enhance the user experience online. The second stage is the stage of popularizing, the time is 2014-2015 years, the strategic focus is to continue to promote and speed broadband networks, accelerate the expansion of broadband network coverage and scale, deepen universal application. The third stage is the stage of upgrading, time is 2016-2020 years, the strategic focus is to promote broadband network optimization and upgrading technology evolution, broadband network service quality, application level and ability to support broadband industry reached the advanced level in the world.

Therefore, affected by the policy, fiber network infrastructure and the importance of the value of futurepromotion based on the operators, optical communication investment may significantly exceed market expectations, especially optical transmission and optical fiber input. In addition, due to the "broadbandChinese" strategic demand for optical fiber, in 2012 the market demand for fiber increased rapidly, thefundamentals of fiber industry has improved. In addition, the "broadband Chinese strategy" and "broadbandspeed project" will be directly caused by the industrial chain has been active.

The next 3 years is the implementation of the strategy of broadband construction stage, the field of telecommunications "copper back into the light" will drive the market demand for optical fiber cable. In thedemand, the price of fiber has room to rise further. With the release of "1025" planning and communication industry, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile will follow the additional investment and the formation of optical fiber, optical access network construction peak, an estimated 2013 nianguang accessinvestment grew 30%, but with the rapid growth of fixed network and wireless network data traffic, operators transmission network upgrade from the beginning of 2012, resulting in the formation of optical communicationequipment industry 3-5 years cycle.