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The development trend of optical networks: SDN predictable 2015.05.08
 For Google "based on Software Defined Network (SDN)" construction of the B4 network with great success,in 2012 when the SDN is very hot, the industry generally believe that SDN is the future direction of network development, is the operator network development trend. With the rapid development in recent years, the SDN industry from concept to commercial deployment, the most advanced technology in recent yearsremarkable network now seems to have survived the manufacturers wait-and-see period, won over 90% of the world's network manufacturers recognized. According to market research firm Infonetics Research released enterprise and data center SDN market report, 2018 global SDN market is expected to reach $18000000000, SDN market real leaders will also be born.

To go from concept to reality.

Once the mysterious SDN technology, through continuous exploration and try to operators and equipment of the enterprises, finally from the outline of a fuzzy concept to commercial reality. In 2013, SDN technology is still in the "test", and to the last, SDN the situation along the way, its commercial value is also increasinglyclear.