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Fiber Era 2015.05.07
 n recent years, the rapid development of optical communication technology. Optical fiber has been widely used in the field of intelligent home, office automation, computer network, communication network and militaryairborne vehicle. High requirements on bandwidth, transmission distance of high-definition video streaming,fiber era make HD monitoring is no longer a dream.

The principle of the optical fiber communication: in the sending end first to send information (such as video)into electrical signals, and then modulated to the laser beam emitted by the laser, the light intensity signalamplitude (frequency) changes, and transmitted through optical fiber; at the receiver, the received optical signal detector it is converted into electrical signals, after demodulating the restoration of the originalinformation.

What is the optical fiber transmission problem is to help you solve, returning to the audio and video industryof optical fiber transmission aspects concerned, for everyone to answer our early contact with several general optical fiber transmission will have doubts.

With the advantages of optical fiber transmission cable transmission

1, broadband, large amount of communication

A fiber potential bandwidth is 20thz, the bandwidth, only a second or so, can be human all text data is transferred at all times and in all countries.

2, low loss, long distance transmission

An optical fiber transmission distance up to tens of kilometers.

3, anti electromagnetic interference, no crosstalk interference, high security

Electrical communication has been unable to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference, but not by all kinds of electromagnetic interference in optical fiber communication.

4, light weight, small volume, convenient installation and transportation

5, the cable has strong adaptability, long service life

The characteristics of optical fiber transmission, the optical fiber has become the preferred medium for transmitting digital high-definition signal transmission.