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In order to promote the technological innovation speed lowering capital "" 2015.05.05
      "Speed" has become the key of development of the communications industry. In the first quarter of this yearthe economic situation in the forum, Premier Li Keqiang put forward to strengthen the construction of information infrastructure, improve the network bandwidth requirements. The Ministry said recently, in 2015will further strengthen the "broadband Chinese" special action, accelerating the construction of 4G, greatly enhance the speed, so that more users can enjoy broadband Internet access services faster, better prices.Broadband construction is a complex system engineering, the joint efforts of the broadband network rate but also the need to enhance the industry chain.

       Technology and product innovation is an important driving force to enhance the rate of broadband network.High speed broadband network, cannot do without the support of technology and products. At present,broadband networks play a more and more important role in people's lives. "Speed" is likely to become pop."Speed" is likely to become popular vocabulary, not only because of the attention of government broadband development. In fact, reflecting the growing demand for broadband services to the public in a great extent.The mobile Internet and the popularity of intelligent terminals, the broadband network becomes as important as water infrastructure, electricity, coal. Broadband network technology innovation and upgrading the performance of broadband network can help improve, help users get a better service experience. At the same time can also develop a number of industries to boost applications including intelligent terminals,mobile Internet, Everfount provides power for the upgrading of China's economic transformation.