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The road network is effective depth interpretation of optical transmission 2015.05.04
 The trend of collaborative intelligent transport network

The development of IP network, packet transition services, cloud computing applications, characteristics of the transmission network traffic has burst and dynamic change, which leads to the real time adjustment ofdemand for transmission bandwidth and network. This requires a transmission network flexible, dynamic,efficient, fair to mobilize the cyber source, to provide enough bandwidth, to meet the quality of experience.The transmission network to flexibly respond to business requirements, must be made by the original closed,static, changing operation mechanism of time-consuming open, flexible and fast service configuration and management. In the use of resources to introduce global, cross layer optimization ability to facilitate the support of business, but also can greatly reduce the operating costs of transport network. The developmentof transmission network, will face a substantial adjustment and transition in the cloud era. Support circuit business network will enter the phase out period, multi service transmission platform will also face integration,carrying business will be transferred to PTN, OTN transmission platform, intelligent network, collaboration has become an inevitable part of the network, the introduction of T-SDN platform. Light directly carrying business also will be used to provide a transmission channel, high speed, and the transport network layer, IP layer andoptical layer resource collaborative optimization will become the operator to achieve the efficient operation ofthe inevitable choice of resources.